Internet Loan with an Interest Rate of 0%

Nerobank has launched a promotion for all those who want to get a loan cheaply and completely online. As part of the Internet Loan with an interest rate of 0%, we can get up to PLN 4,000. has examples

Are you looking for a favorable and not expensive loan repayment? In that case, you should be interested in the new Nerobank offer. In this bank you have the possibility of obtaining an internet loan of up to PLN 4,000 with an interest rate of 0%.

What is the biggest advantage of this promotional Nerobank offer? The first thing that should interest us is, of course, interest rate 0%, but this is not the only advantage of this loan. Well, you can get this loan completely online and without leaving your home. You will not need any additional income certificates to obtain it.

Internet loan 0% in Nerobank

Eurobank online loan - costs

As part of this offer, available entirely online, you will be able to borrow up to PLN 4,000. The loan repayment period will be from 3 to even 36 months. The bank will not charge us any additional interest over the loan repayment period. However, you will be charged a commission for granting the loan. Below you can see an example loan calculation for PLN 4000 with a 36-month repayment period. Such a loan can be given to us completely via the internet and without presenting certificates.

What will you need to get a 0% Internet loan?

What will you need to get a 0% Internet loan?

Of course, it will be necessary to have an up-to-date ID card. We will also need a bank account number to which the amount of the loan will be transferred. In addition, we will have to provide the details of the employer or company in which we are employed, so contact details and tax identification number. The last thing you need to get a loan will be a cell phone number. It is on this account number that an SMS code will be sent which will be needed to accept the loan agreement. We can get a loan even within 15 minutes of accepting the contract.

Internet loan up to PLN 50,000 – it is worth mentioning that Nerobank also has an interesting offer for people who are interested in a much larger amount of online credit. Even up to PLN 50,000, we can get a loan via the internet. This loan is also provided completely online, and to obtain it you will also need a bank account statement to which you are paid.

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